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Building a better tomorrow.

This is our corporate site, please see the list of web properties we own below.


We provide
creative solutions for all your needs!

We apply our creativity to bring you the best products possible. from full immersive VR gaming, to custom made jewelery, our various services span the internet and beyond.


Our properties range from virtual to real world.

Please select a site below to visit.

That Place Amusements

Come one, come all and witness the majestic, mesmerizing and magically memorable experience that is That Place! This curated collection of coasters and curiosities is sure to delight and amaze you! Once the most popular Amusement Park on Second Life, we are now the largest Amusement Grid on Opensimulator offering hours of fun!

Startrader General Store

Located in the Entropia Universe on Asteroid F.O.M.A., Main Complex Block B, Shop #59 we offer a wide selection of products at reasonable prices. If there’s something you need, and we don’t have it, we can get it for you & even offer planet-to-planet delivery!

GloPearls – Handmade Jewelry

GloPearls allows you to custom order handmade jewelery that is uniquely yours. We offer multiple options, including real Japanese Akoya Pearls and we can even make your pendant or charm glow in the dark!

EUber Space Taxi

Currently under development, EUber will be an on-demand space taxi service offering land, air and space transport around the Entropia Universe.

Startrader Bank

Startrader Bank is under development and will be opening very soon. We plan to offer short and long term loans, as well as a mutual fund servicing the colonists of Entropia.


Under active development, AlphaCore will be a Space RPG compatible with the Opensim Hypergrid & revolutionize gameplay for the entire Metaverse. Offering a Real Cash Economy, AlphaCore’s primary focus will be helping players to make real money playing games. After playing many other Real Cash Economy games, we see where others have failed to provide & are insuring our players will turn a profit on their investment.


Meet Our Team

Our dedicated team brings a lot to the table, including over 20 years experience in web development, game development, financial management, property management and much more!

Dr. Mike Noga, esq.

Chief Executive Officer

Mike has expertise in multiple arenas ranging from financial to real estate to professional gaming.

He boasts over 25 years of experience in office & property management and is an expert in web and artificial intellience programming. Mike holds a Doctorate of Science, a Doctorate of Theology and is a ordained & licensed Bishop, nationwide.

Known as Stone Lunasea in the Metaverse, or Galen Startrader in Entropia, he is in charge of general business development & management, as well as the lead programmer.

Patrick Davis

Chief Operations Officer

Patrick is friendly, hardworking, energetic & always willing to help.  Patrick is an expert 3D Modeler and responsible for most of the fantastic VR roller coasters & attractions you’ll find in our virtual worlds.

Known as Hope Lunasea in the Metaverse, or Dusty Startrader in Entropia, Patrick is the first point of contact to resolve any of our valued customer’s needs.

Chynna Wuest

Virtual World Specialist

Chynna is a fun loving individual with an awesome personality. Chynna is responsible for organizing and managing team building events as well as many other roles within our company.

Chynna is an experienced DJ both in virtual and real worlds & has been a critical part of our success for many years.

Sativa Gudpupi

Registered Service Dog

Sativa is Mike’s Service Dog & takes her job very seriously, keeping Mike safe and healty at all times. She enjoys traveling the world, loves meeting new people & is always ready for the next adventure.

She is an expert in pet toys and ranked as a Top Reviewer in the Pet’s Department on Amazon.
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